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To get beautifully detailed cabinetry that is a perfect fit for your home, you need the experience of trusted cabinetmakers. Valley Cabinetmakers employs professionals who have many years’ experience in the creation of custom cabinetry throughout the Central Queensland area. We provide full-scale cabinet design and installation to give you the look you truly want. We can handle cabinets of virtually any style or size.
Your cabinets are one of the main focal points of your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. While you can find quality cabinets in home improvement stores, they are pre-cut and pre-designed, so you can’t customise them to your home. If you have a uniquely shaped room, you need additional storage, or you have a ceiling that is higher or lower than usual, you may have a hard time finding cabinets that are a perfect fit. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need, and design cabinetry that fits precisely within your home. Whether you want something smaller to fit in a tiny bathroom, or you want wall to wall cabinets in the kitchen to store all your gadgets and appliances neatly and attractively, we can help!
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Our skilled cabinet makers are trained in all aspects of designing and constructing your cabinets from scratch. We’ll meet with you, assess the available space and create a drawing of your proposed cabinets for approval. Once you have approved our design, we can get to work on creating your new cabinets. We’re capable of doing almost any style you want, and all sizes can be customised to the space you have available or the design you want. You can also choose from timber cabinets or painted to achieve whatever colour you have in mind to perfectly coordinate your home.

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We are here to help you through each step of the cabinetmaking process to ensure you get exactly what you need for your home. Give us a call today and we will happily work with you to get started on your dream cabinetry.


Your kitchen cabinets are the star of the room, so you want them to reflect your sense of style while also being functional for storage. We can help you design and construct your dream cabinetry from the initial drawing to the finished product.
Bathroom Cabinet


Few bathrooms come with enough storage, but it can be hard to find pre-fabricated vanities that provide enough space while also fitting in tight areas. We can design and construct customised bathroom cabinets to suit your unique space.


Laundry rooms are often hard to keep organised due to the lack of storage. We can provide customised cabinetry to keep your laundry area neat and tidy while giving it a more stylish look.

Shop Fit-Outs

Keeping your shop well-organised is important, especially if you use it for your business. We provide full shop fit-outs to offer cabinet systems that are fully customised and personalised to suit your unique needs.