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Whether for hobbies and household projects or for your own business, your workshop needs to be fully organised in order to function properly. Our team can provide you with a range of custom shop cabinets that will help you keep all of your tools and equipment neatly in place, so you know where everything is when you need it. We will assess your setting and provide design work that is 100% personalised and tailored to your precise home or business. Once we have a design squared away that works for your room, we can get to work constructing the cabinets you need to keep your workshop space neat, clean and functional.
We have the experience and ability to design, build and install any cabinetry required for your shop whether it be a renovation or a completely new outlet. Valley Cabinetmakers will give you a completion date for cabinets and a completion date for installation. You can feel confident in your time management that we will be completed on schedule and any follow-up tradespeople will not be held up. We understand that your time is valuable, and we do whatever it takes to ensure that our projects maintain a strict schedule.
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Scott and Rod offer personalised service by working closely with their clients because they understand that a project will go without a hitch provided all the right questions are asked and the answers are completely understood. We know the questions to ask in order to make sure we are fully aware of your needs and the purposes for your workshop so we can tailor your cabinets to what those needs are. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our design, we will ensure you are satisfied before we begin construction so we know you will be happy with the finished product.
Our clients always feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are talking with professionals. We will make sure you feel at ease and confident in our skills before proceeding, and we welcome any feedback you may have to offer. We are also happy to showcase some of the work we have done for previous clients as well, so you can see for yourself that our work is top of the line. If you are in the area, please feel free to call by and visit our showroom at 46 Raedon St, Biloela, Qld 4715. Here, you can view some of our most popular cabinet options for not only shops but also kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

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We will be on hand to discuss any of your specific requirements or just sit and have an informal chat about what you were thinking of doing. Give us a call, send over a brief message with details or stop by and we will be happy to serve you!